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Let there be light

Let There Be Light is a American Christian drama film directed by and starring Kevin Sorbo and written by Dan Gordon and Sam Sorbo. The plot follows an. "Let there be light" is an English translation of the Hebrew יְהִי אוֹר (yehi 'or) found in Genesis of the Torah, the first part of the Hebrew Bible. In Old. Let There Be Light follows the story of dedicated scientists working to build a small sun on Earth, which would unleash perpetual, cheap, clean energy for.

When Sean Hannity isn't fanning the flames of a uranium conspiracy, he likes to brag about “Let There Be Light,” a new movie he. For all his far-reaching fame, Sol Harkins, the world's most famous atheist, is a lonely soul and a lousy part-time dad. After a near death experience challenges. You don't become the world's most famous atheist by being nice. That's apparent when Dr. Sol Harkens, author of Aborting God: The Reasoned.

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